Multi Layer Wooden Puzzle - Use Your Head!

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Do you wonder how the human brain works? How all thoughts fit inside your head? Or are you simply fascinated by anatomy and you dream about a medical profession? With our "Use your head" puzzles the secrets of the human body will stop being a mystery. 3 levels: bones of the skull. lobes of the brain and their functions. and the upper airway with the eye.
They will bring fun to both children and adults. Keep your head on straight!

  • 3-layer puzzle
  • Dimensions: 30 x 42.5 cm.
  • 13 pieces + frame and cover.
  • Puzzle thickness: 5mm + 5mm.
  • Base thickness: 3mm.
  • Cover thickness: 3mm.
  • Painted with colorless. odorless varnish approved for children.
  • English version will be shipped out to you