Forensic Fingerprints Experiment Kit

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A kit to conduct 12 experiments to uncover the secrets of forensic science. 

Activities such as finding and comparing fingerprints, analysing clues, reconstructing portrait of the suspect and writing secret messages.

  • Requires 2 LR41 batteries included and 2 LR06 batteries not included.
  • 1 microscope, white powder (calcium carbonate), black powder (iron filings), 1 UV ink pen, 1 UV lamp, 1 inker, 1 brush, 56 fingerprint transfer labels, 18 fingerprint registration cards, 20 Portrait Robot sheets, 1 tissue sample slide, 1 pipette, 1 magnifying glass, 1 pair of tweezers, 2 filter papers, 1 small mirror, 1 pair of goggles, 1 pair of gloves

Size: 30 x 7.8 x 30 cm

Suitable for 8+ years

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