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Hands-On, Minds-On for a Creative Workshop

Give a cardboard box to the adults, they will use it for storage. Give it to the children, they will turn it into a slide, a fire truck, a fruit store, a fort and so much more...
Recently, we had the opportunity to facilitate a MAKEDO cardboard construction workshop with a community group consisting 34 children, 7 youths and 10 adults. MAKEDO is a set of safe tools that can empower kids 5 and above to build the world they want to see. With purposely designed Scru driver, Safe-Saw, Fold-Roller and Scru, the humble cardboard boxes have offered them hours of educational and environmentally friendly playtime. 
The children were divided into 7 mixed-age groups and each group were tasked to design and build a big ark out of two large cardboard boxes. All their hands and minds were fully on as they share their ideas with each other, agree to a particular design, think about how to build it, do measurements, delegate tasks and construct and so on. The whole process was a test of not only their creativity but communicationcritical-thinking, collaboration and problem-solving skills. The older ones would assist the young with the more challenging tasks and the little ones felt so confident to cut and connect the cardboards pieces together by themselves. It has opened up new dialogues and strengthened the bonding between different age groups.
When it was time to showcase their masterpieces, they presented them with much pride and enthusiasm. Many of them continued building new things after the workshop and their parents complimented how focused they were working alone for hours. Since their screws are fully reusable, you can easily dismantle the cardboard creation and build something else for other play ideas. No tapes or glues are required for building the structures. An absolutely great toolkit to develop eco-consciousness in kids through upcycling
Children are born creative. Their imagination can soar as high as the sky if we let them to... Given the right tools, your child can turn their ideas into reality with their own hands and enjoy endless hours of fun. 
We welcome preschools, schools, social or educational groups to approach us to facilitate a MAKEDO workshop at your venue. We provide generous discounts for educators and schools if you want to purchase our MAKEDO sets in bulk for your next project. 
Feel free to find out more by dropping us an email at shop@littleshop.toys.  
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