Safety of our toys

Safety of your child is our top priority. That is why at LittleShop all our toys had gone passed the most stringent EN71 European toy safety standard

The Consumer Product Safety Office has some great guidance on picking toys for your child:

  • Ensure that the toy you are buying is appropriate for your child’s age. Toys for older children should be kept out of the reach of younger ones.
  • Test toys, especially electronic ones, before buying. Ask for a demonstration before deciding if the toy is safe for your child.
  • Follow age recommendations and other instructions on the product packaging closely. Do not buy the product if such information is not available.
  • Buy from reputable brands and sellers. (like us!)
  • When buying toys with projectiles, ensure that the projectiles do not have sharp edges. Make sure that the toy cannot launch improvised projectiles, such as pencils, that are potentially dangerous.
  • Small button batteries that are commonly used in electronic toys can cause serious internal injuries or death if swallowed. Make sure that the battery compartment can be safely secured.

Want to know more about children products' safety tips? Check out the informative website of Consumer Product Safety Office.