Marina Square Store Moving Out Sell

Hello friends of LittleShop!

Our last day in Marina Square will be 21st April 2024 (Sunday) 

However, it is not the end of the story. Rather, we are turning into a new chapter to bring you new shopping experiences and to continue to source nicer, highest quality toys for your most beloved children.

We are having a massive Moving Out Sale, with deals up to 90% offONLY at our Marina Square store. Come down! Bring your kids and loved ones, and celebrate together the joyous time you shared with us in the past few years! 

We loved interacting with all of you. So we are working hard to find a new home to serve you in-person. While the hunt is on, we will continue to serve you with this very website: (bookmark please!)

Please also follow our IG account to get the latest news, deals and be the first to know our next moves! :)

With a heartfelt thank you to all of you,

Angela & Kevin

(Written by us and not ChatGPT as this is our personal message for you!)



1. Where can we buy your items after your shop's closure?

Before we secure another shop, we will operate online at Please continue to support us from here! :)

2. I have pre-ordered items on your website or from your shop, what will happen now?

Not to worry! Your pre-ordered items are safely stored in our warehouse and we will continue to fulfill them.

3. What about my Membership Points and Vouchers?

Your membership points can still be used on our website: even after the closure of our store. Vouchers however cannot be used online due to technical constraints and we will encourage you to visit our shop and spend them before 21 April 2024.

4. I have so many questions that are not covered in the FAQ, where can I post these questions to you?

You can use the chat function on the bottom left corner to contact us.