Antibacterial Toy Cars

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Antibacterial Toy Cars for babies and toddlers

CARS! Which baby does not love cars? With 4 rotating wheels, these antibacterial toy cars will drive into every nursery. Babies and toddlers learn about shapes and colors and train their mental and motor skills.

Comes in multiple attractive and colourful designs, the naturally antibacterial rids the toy of germs after 8 hours! By contrast, bacteria can still be found on all other synthetic materials for up to 24 hours.
NATURALLY SELF-SANITIZING - No chemicals, no wipes, no sprays! The natural antibacterial effect comes with the use of innovative and exclusive material mixture of plastic and sustainable pine wood from Germany. The use of pine wood induced a self-cleaning effect for the toys to become germ-free within 8 hours.
THE BRING-ALONG FOR ALL OCCASIONS - With the self-cleaning abilities, Anbac toys are the perfect companion to the kindergarten, bridge waiting times at the doctor or go on a long trip with the train or plane.
Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in Germany
Designed to be safely used from the age of 6 months
Package Size: 12cm x 15cm x 17cm
Product size: 10cm x 4.6cm x 5cm