Antibacterial Sand Play Kit - Noah's Ark

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Antibacterial Sand Play Kit

Noah's ark from anbac toys® offers a variety of play options. The 13-piece set contains the boat hull, the various pairs of animals, a shovel, a rake, a sand screen and of course the house with a practical handle for on the go.
With this Antibacterial Sand Play Kit, parents can playfully tell their children about the biblical story of Noah and the ark in the sandpit, on the beach or at home. The animal pairs can be put together and find the corresponding slot on the rake or enter the ark via this rake as the ship's ladder.
The pairs of animals can be used as sand molds at the same time and leave enough space to play creatively and freely. Children can come up with wild adventures or re-enact the biblical story. On board are matching halves of the animal molds from the elephant, the giraffe, the chicken and the sheep.
The rake can be inserted through the hull, house and screen, so that the ark can be transported in one piece by the handle.
The naturally antibacterial rids the toy of germs after 8 hours! By contrast, bacteria can still be found on all other synthetic materials for up to 24 hours.
NATURALLY SELF-SANITIZING - No chemicals, no wipes, no sprays! The natural antibacterial effect comes with the use of innovative and exclusive material mixture of plastic and sustainable pine wood from Germany. The use of pine wood induced a self-cleaning effect for the toys to become germ-free within 8 hours.
THE BRING-ALONG FOR ALL OCCASIONS - With the self-cleaning abilities, Anbac toys are the perfect companion to the kindergarten, parks, and beaches
Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in Germany
Designed to be safely played with from 1 year old
Package Size: 36cm x 21cm x 20.5cm
Product Size: 35.6cm x 20.6cm x 20.3cm