Build Your Own Dinosaur - Ankylosaurus

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With a heavily armoured body and pull-tab swishing tail action, this plant-eating dinosaur was protected from head to tail with bony plates and spikes. The largest ankylosaur ever, this club-tailed Dino could swing at attackers with bone-shattering force. Ouch!

Easy to assemble using slot together techniques – there’s no glue, no mess, no fuss! Everything you need is provided in the kit – simply follow the instructions: press out the pre-cut parts, build and play.

This awesome kit also comes with a press-out Ankylosaurus Fact Stand for you to find out more about this famously armoured dinosaur.

Our Mini Builds are suitable for 8 years+ and are best enjoyed as a family experience. You’ll have great fun building your Ankylosaurus as a shared activity, plus there’s lots to learn together about this massive Dino.

Made using 100% sustainable cardboard and paper, Build Your Own’s Ankylosaurus is not only fun and engaging to play with, but also eco-friendly.

  • 35cm long
  • Mess-free, slot together cardboard construction
  • Perfect family time activity
  • 40-minute build
  • Skill level rating: 2.5 stars out of 5
  • Discover and learn about the Ankylosaurus
  • 35 press-out parts
  • High-quality sustainable cardboard and paper
  • Full instructions included
  • Designed in the UK
  • Fun, educational and supports STEM
  • Age 8+ (adult supervision recommended)