Matador Explorer (5+) Set (318 Pcs)

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This Matador "Explorer" construction kit comes with 318 parts and 71 building ideas. It’s the perfect start into the world of Matador!

Encourage creativity and motor skills development of our children, this Matador Explore set can build a windmill, a tractor, a bird and many other models. 

The building sets are simple, yet versatile. Use the Matador hammer to connect the building blocks and pins so that children playfully develop craftsmanship skills.

Using the special Matador pliers, the structures can always be taken apart and then re-assembled to form a new structure.

Designed for your creative kids aged 5 years and older.

  • 100% Austrian wood, 100% Made in Austria
  • From 5 years
  • stable and durable
  • Build with hammer, pliers and wedge
  • Contents: 318 parts
  • included tools: hammer, pliers, wedge
  • building instructions with 71 building ideas