Teifoc Real Bricks Building Sets - Cement (250g)

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Teifoc Real Bricks Building Sets - Cement (250g)

Reuse your Teifoc model bricks over and over again with this Teifoc Cement Mortar! This cement mortar pack gives kids an opportunity to build their models over and over again. It adds fun to the creations. Children can use these reusable bricks to elaborate their structures and creations. This pack has extra mixing cement so that kids can continue to create their marvelous structures.

Teifoc Real Bricks Building Sets is a unique build and play system that uses real reusable bricks to create fun and elaborate structures and creations.

TOTALLY SAFE FOR PLAY: The cement mortar is based on safe and soluable and and corn-extract.

Teifoc is designed, engineered, and manufactured by Eitech in Germany.

Recommended for children of age 6 and above